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port macquarie termite treatment

Regular inspections are the best way to protect yourself and in some situations this will allow you to identify any potential problems before they occur.

If termites are found in your house or unit your termite specialist should be able to recommend a number of options.

There are two aspects to termite control - the first are measures to destroy the termite nest that is attacking your house and the second are measures to protect the house from future termite attack.

Termite control measures may include using Altraset which is very effective as the termites themselves take the product back to the nest where over a number of weeks it can be destroyed even if it’s more than 50 metres away.
You can also apply small bait stations over the termite activity in the house which is often done to draw the termites into the bait area which they will eat and then transfer back to the nest and other termites in the colony, ultimately destroying it.

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Termite prevention across the Mid North Coast from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie


The installation of termite baiting programs in which small plastic stations are located in the areas surrounding the house are often used to monitor termite activity in the immediate area and also to provide the opportunity to bait any termites that happen to enter one of the stations so the treatment is taken back to destroy the nest.

The installation of a soil barrier can provide long-term control for up to 8 years. This will involve the drilling of paths and driveways around the house and trenching the soil against the walls to apply the product.

Sometimes your termite specialist will recommend doing both the nest control measure and a protection measure however this can depend on what you, the client, decide to do. If you want longer term protection, these measures are also available. Dunrite Pest Control will make sure you have all of the necessary information to help you make an informed decision.

Biflex - no better termite treatment. Nature's force field.


We use and recommend Biflex. If termites come anywhere near your home, they’ll be pushing up daisies.The inspiration for Biflex came from a fresh field of daisies. Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid modelled on nature’s very own insecticide ‘pyrethrum’ and Mother Nature would be well pleased with our creation… a repellent termite treatment that is absolutely effective and simple.

Biflex Termiticide quickly kills any termite that it comes in contact with it. It also creates a protective force field around your home that WILL keep termites out. Which is great to know because termites can cause massive structural damage that is both expensive and extremely disruptive to your home life.

Biflex active ingredient is bifentrin which is modelled on mother nature’s very own, and very effective insecticide, the Pyrethrum Daisy.

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We are Termx certified installers.


The TermX Replenishment System has been designed by Australians to suit the harsh Australian conditions and termite pressures. It has been extensively tested to offer long-term termite management and prevention and was stringently assessed to strict CodeMark Australia standards, which it has achieved. Don't settle for just any old system - why risk it on your most valued asset!

The TermX Replenishment System is a specially designed pipe system used to apply termiticide chemical under pressure to saturate the soil medium surrounding a structure. This creates an impenetrable barrier (if repellent termiticides are used) or a death-trap for unsuspecting foraging termites (in the case of non-repellent termiticide chemicals) that move through impregnated soil.

TermX is a specially engineered system designed to deliver chemical termite treatments as a preventative measure for these pests. The Mid Coast Pest Control certified TermX installer lays a series of replenishment system around or underneath a structure. At a later stage, chemical is pumped through the pipes to create a barrier of protection. Your Mid Coast Pest Control certified TermX installer can make recommendations on how often the system needs to be charged with chemical – this is dependant on the type of chemical used and the termite pressure in your area. Once installed the system allows for quick application of a treatment to protect your most valued assets.

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