Termite inspections Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour

termite treatments

When it comes to the biggest and most important investment many of us will make, you need to know that it is inspected properly by a qualified pest controller. A general building inspector may not pick up on the signs of damage or infestations that Dunrite Pest Control may spot. Your Dunrite Pest Controller is qualified, accredited and experienced to offer a professional opinion.

Did you know that termites can gain access to your property through several ways including through minute gaps in your concrete slab, small weep-holes in brickwork, by following pipes underground or simply accessing through various poor construction methods?

If you do find termites it's important you DO NOT DISTURB THEM and call Dunrite Pest Control on 0448 321 123

Disturbing termites by using your own sprays may kill a few hundred or thousand termites but it will only be a short-term victory that could in the long term make them harder to eliminate by a Dunrite Pest Control technician using the correct termite treatment.

Upon completion of the inspection a written report is provided. This will give an indication of the presence or absence of termite activity on your property. It will also provide feedback on possible trouble areas of the property and contain recommendations on the future management of termites on the property.

Found termites? What do you do next?

termite treatments

If you do find termites it's important you DO NOT DISTURB THEM and call Dunrite Pest Control on 0448 321 123.

Dunrite Control use ALTRISET Termiticide –a non-poisonous soil applied treatment that kills termites and protects your home for years to come.

ALTRISET is deadly to termites. When termites come into contact with ALTRISET their jaw muscles become paralysed and they stop eating the timber in your home within hours. But they do not die straight away, they stay alive long enough to transfer ALTRISET onto other termites and back to the nest resulting in colony control.
Unlike older termite control products whichcan be hazardous to the environment, ALTRISET is only harmful to termites. In fact, ALTRISET is the only liquid termiticide that is exempt from poisons cheduling by the Australian regulatory authorities, which means your Dunrite Pest Controller does not need to wear protective clothing and you do not have to worry about any adverse effects to your family or pets.

Also ALTRISET has very low toxicity to birds, fish, earthworms and even honey bees, which means you can protect your home with minimal impact on the environment. Read more >>>